In 2019, Ukraine used almost 30 billion m3 of gas. Dependence on natural gas can be reduced through bioenergy. UABIO Head of the Board Georgii Geletukha answers questions of the Espreso.TV about the role, place and resource potential of bioenergy in Ukraine.

The main questions revealed by the interview

  • Should bioenergy have long been an alternative to gas consumption? Why is it not possible to reach the planned replacement rates?
  • Past years solar energy initiatives were in priority. This area received significant preferences, which stimulated investment: domestic and foreign. Is such a path acceptable for bioenergy?
  • How to stimulate the development of the industry? Which areas of bioenergy are more promising? What is the best decision: prefer large-scale projects or focus on local ones?
  • How to find a balance with raw materials — traditional wood, agricultural waste or energy crops?

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