Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgii Geletukha took part in the webinar of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League. He presented a report on the main aspects of bioenergy development.

Different seasons – different economies of bioenergy projects. In summer, natural gas prices are low. However, gas prices rise when fuel is needed most – in the heating season. Not only in Ukraine, this is a world practice. That is why biomass is the best alternative to natural gas.

Details in the video:

In the video, Georgii Geletukha talks about biomass resources for energy production, which has a potential of about 23 million toe. In general, the forecast for the development of bioenergy until 2035 is a 5-fold growth of the sector.

Bioenergy is the driver of the Ukrainian economy. In modern conditions, when the consequences of a pandemic lead to the inevitability of the global economic crisis, we must pay attention to those activities that will ensure the stable development of the state.

Energy is a significant share of Ukrainian imports. And today we need to refocus on the resources available in Ukraine.

We spend billions of dollars on fuel when we can create the jobs, which we needed so much, and attract investments.