One such boiler house, as in the video, can dispose of 8,000 tons of garbage per year. Very important that the installation does not pollute the air — clean steam comes out of the pipes due to the filtration system. Sorted solid waste and wood chips are the fuel of this innovative boiler house in Zhytomyr, which is able to provide heat to the regional hospital.

In addition, the boiler house disposes of medical waste— it can process 170 kg of medical waste per hour. The company accepts medical waste from hospitals in the Zhytomyr region, but it is ready to accept from all over Ukraine. Utilization of unprocessed garbage remains a big problem in Ukraine, as well as dependence on imported energy resources, so such projects are extremely relevant and need real government support.

It will be recalled that Kriger, which is a member of UABIO, has been producing high-quality biomass boiler equipment for over 20 years, as well as procuring, logistics and selling solid fuel. Since 2000, the company has produced more than 3,000 high-capacity boilers and exports equipment to Europe and the United Kingdom.

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