The WBA annually publishes the Global Bioenergy Statistics reports. These are important comprehensive analytical documents that reflect the state of the sector and future prospects.

The 2023 report reveals the following aspects of the industry:

  • the intricate dynamics of the global bioenergy landscape, including Fossil Fuels vs. Renewable Energy,
  • Electricity Sector Dynamics,
  • Renewable Heat Production,
  • Transportation Industry Challenges,
  • Bioenergy commodities.

We provide key facts of this report.

We note that the complete material with the key data of the report with a Ukrainian translation is available on the SAF (Sustainable Agribusiness Forum) platform, for which our team prepare of materials.

We provide data on:

  • Global energy supply;
  • Electricity;
  • Heat;
  • Transport;
  • Biomass supply.

Read more on the SAF platform and download the document!

We thank our expert Semen Drahniev for his expert analysis and translation.

We remind you that UABIO is a partner of the Sustainable Agribusiness Forum (SAF).

SAF is a communication platform that brings together agribusiness stakeholders and aims to establish strong links between market players and introduce sustainable approaches in agriculture.

For this platform, our team prepares verified professional content on the bioenergy sector.