Published an article by George Geletukha “About biomethane future” on the portal, in which the chairman of the BAU told when and under what conditions the prospect of production of this gas will appear in Ukraine.

Today, Ukraine does not produce biomethane, but this technology has great potential, because we are agrarian country. We have enough biomass as a feedstock: many large farms and large agricultural lands, where it is possible to produce maize silage for biogas production. Under estimates of UABio experts, only existing waste could be a feedstock for production of up to 3.2 billion cubic meters of biomethane per year. Developed gas pipeline network allows you to connect anywhere in Ukraine.

Biomethane produced from biogas, in most cases will be more expensive than natural gas, and hence the development of this sector will require financial incentives. But this stimulation is justified, because instead of paying for natural gas import, the money are paid to local producers of biomethane, an thus remain in Ukraine. With this money, new jobs are created, from which taxes are paid, and they are guaranteed to cover the delta that was overpaid.

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