Georgiy Geletukha, Tetiana Zheliezna, Oleksandra Tryboi. Magazine “Promyshlennaya teplotekhnika” (Industrial Heat engineering), 2015, v.37, #4 (p.53-60), #5 (p.58-67)(in Russian).

The paper covers the state and prospects for growing energy crops in the EU. The overview of existing regulation and stimulation mechanisms for energy crops cultivation is presented. Peculiarities of cultivating energy crops are analyzed. Prospective energy crops for cultivation in Ukrainian conditions are defied.

Fuel properties of energy crops are considered in the paper. Disadvantages of energy crops as a fuel are analyzed and possible ways for mitigation of their negative inflence are suggested. The paper covers state of the art and prospects for the development of the sector in Ukraine. A conception for growing energy crops in the country is suggested.

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