The paper covers basic designs of district heating market and existing ways for heat tarif setting by the examples of selected European countries. It is shown that most of the countries apply the single-buyer model though, for example, Finland is considering possibility for implementing the network access model. Main problems of Ukraine’s district heating sector are analyzed. Due to the monopolistic position of district heating companies, there are no preconditions for the development of competitiveness in the heat market, for the improvement of heat quality and reduction of its production cost. The system for setting heat tariff is also imperfect. Recommendations for the creation of competitive heat market in Ukraine are suggested. One of the main measures is implementing legal unbundling of the existing district heating companies into at least two independent enterprises. The fist company would be engaged in heat production; the second one would deal with heat transmission and supply. Creation of competitive heat market will contribute to attaining objectives of the National Renewable Energy Action Plan.

Analysis of operation models in the district heating sector of EU countries. Part 1. Geletukha G.G., Zheliezna T.A., Bashtovyi A.I. Journal “Promyslova teplotekhnika” (Industrial heat engineering), 2016, v.38, N5 (p. 78-85) (in Ukrainian)