biogas plant 1Biogas plants on agricultural waste are primarily aimed at obtaining renewable energy: electricity, heat, industrial steam, and in the case of further purification of biogas – fuel for engines or a substitute for natural gas (biomethane). However, additional energy and diversification of its supply are far from being all arguments in favor of the construction of biogas plants. There are numerous ecological advantages: control of unpleasant odors and pathogens, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide), it is possible to reduce the need for fertilizers. And of course biogas plants are new prospects for agribusiness, alternative land use, deep utilization of waste and by-products, new jobs and, finally, a source of additional profit from the sale of energy.

On how the biogas market in Ukraine is developing now and what opportunities still remain unused read in the article of the deputy director of the Scientific Engineering Center “Biomass” Yuri Matveev “To the farmer and to the state …” on the agrarian web site “AGRO TIMES” (in Ukrainian).