To the question that is in the title of the article, unfortunately, you can immediately give a negative answer. The situation needs to be changed urgently, as long-term planning in the Ukrainian heat supply sector is necessary due to a number of important factors, among which, in particular: the creation of a favorable investment climate. To make a decision on investing in any sector, the investor must clearly understand the prospects for the development of this sector. As for centralized heat supply (DH), its further fate in Ukraine is uncertain, and state policy in this area is also uncertain.

The article deals with the issues:
– Planning at the state level;
– Planning at the regional level

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Is there a long-term planning in the heat supply sector in Ukraine? Georgii Geletukha – Head of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. Electronic edition “Investgazeta”, September 10, 2018 (in Ukrainian)