With a steady increase in natural gas prices, there is no end to the debate on how consumers pay less for heating, are there ways to reduce their payments?

In this article, the authors do not offer some kind of “magic” that will allow not to pay for heating, but only outline the existing problems and ways that can make centralized heating more efficient and affordable for consumers. The article deals with questions:

  • What is the general situation in centralized heat supply?
  • Can heat supply be cheaper?
  • What will change if you switch to individual heating?
  • Where to get cheaper heat?
  • Why our centralized heating still has not been converted to biomass?
  • Is it not better to introduce energy-saving measures and reduce the heat consumption of our homes?

Read the full article here:

Do we need competition in the district heating in Ukraine? Georgii Geletukha – Head of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. Electronic edition “Investgazeta”, October 03, 2018 (in Ukrainian)

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