Paper presents the results of estimation of the energy potential of biomass of agricultural origin in Ukraine and the current state of its use. The authors analyze the possibilities for creation of communal enterprises for harvesting of agrobiomass and production of biofuels from it. The results of the typical feasibility study of the projects for the production and use of straw fuel are shown.

The aim of the work is to analyze the possibilities and develop recommendations for the creation of communal enterprises in Ukraine for biomass harvesting and biofuel production based on the united territorial communities. The tasks of the work are to assess the potential of agrobiomass in Ukraine, to identify the promising areas of activity of the communal enterprises, and to carry out respective feasibility studies. The results of the assessment show that Ukraine has a big potential of biomass of agricultural origin available for energy production. At present, this potential (except for sunflwer husk) is not actively used. The use of the whole energy potential of agrobiomass can cover about 18% of the fial energy consumption in Ukraine. Activation of biomass energy production will be facilitated by the creation of communal companies for biomass harvesting and biofuel production. Perspective areas of activity of such enterprises can be harvesting of agricultural residues, growing energy crops, production of chips from logging residues, harvesting of wood fuel during the restoration and reconstruction of protective forest bands, production of pellets and briquettes from agrobiomass. When choosing a particular type of activity of a potential communal enterprise or a combining several activities, it is necessary to apply a step-by-step approach from simple and reliable to more complex but more effient activity, with an interim analysis of both the current situation and prospects for the future. Such an approach is key in the combination of activities of the enterprise to achieve the success of its operation. The results of typical feasibility studies demonstrate economic viability of projects for the production of biofuels from straw and their application at boiler plants of the budget-fianced objects for replacement of natural gas.

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Opportunities for harvesting agrobiomass and production of biofuels by municipal enterprises in Ukraine. Zheliezna T.A., Drahniev S.V., Bashtovyi A.I. Journal “Thermophysics and Thermal Power Engineering”, 2019, vol. 41, №2, p. (88-96) (in Ukrainian).