According to the forecast of the European Biogas Association, the production of biomethane in Europe in 2020 will be 26% of the total biogas production (6.5 billion m³ biomethane). In 2030, the share of biomethane – that is, enriched biogas – should increase to 37.5% (this is 18 billion m³ of biomethane).

▪️ Italy is predicted to become a leader in biomethane production in a few years. There are already 250 compressed gas stations (CNG) and 22 liquefied methane (LNG) stations in Italy, and more than a million cars and 3300 buses use methane as a fuel.

▪ In France, according to the forecast, in 2030, the production of biomethane will account for a third of natural gas consumption

▪️ In Denmark, according to the forecast, in 2035, biomethane will completely replace natural gas.

Projection of biomethane production in Europe. Yurij Matveev. The platform of sustainable agribusiness SAF Ukraine. June 20, 2019.


The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine since 2019 is a partner of the platform of sustainable agribusiness SAF Ukraine.