Electricity produced from biomethane can already today be supplied to the grid at a “green” tariff of 0.1239 €/kWh (excluding VAT).

However, the idea of ​​enriching biogas to biomethane is precisely the possibility of pumping it into the natural gas (NG) network.

To create conditions for the use of biomethane from the NG network in the combined production of electricity and heat, it is necessary to create a national register of biomethane with the possibility of issuing certificates of origin, such as European certificates GoO (Guarantee of Origin). In the long term, with such a certificate, virtual trading of biomethane with EU countries is possible.

After the introduction of the biomethane certification system, a gas power plant with the intention of using biomethane can be connected to any location where there is a NG network and a heat consumer (eg boiler, CHP).

Economic prerequisites for the production and use of biomethane in electricity/heat production in Ukraine. Petro Kucheruk. The platform of sustainable agribusiness SAF Ukraine. July 26, 2019.

The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine since 2019 is a partner of the platform of sustainable agribusiness SAF Ukraine.