Assessment of the corn residues potential for energy in 2018 based on the approach developed by the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine shows the following results:

  • the theoretic potential (the whole amount of residues generated) is 46.5 Mt or 8.9 Mtoe;
  • the economic potential (the amount available for energy that is 40% of the theoretical potential) is 6 Mt or 3.6 Mtoe including stalks – 9.7 Mt (1.9 Mtoe) and cobs – 3.3 Mt (0.6 Mtoe).

Distribution of the corn residues potential over Ukraine’s territory is not even. Regions with the highest concentration of this type of biomass are oblasts with the biggest production volumes of grain corn. For 2018, they are Poltava oblast (with the economic potential of corn residues 489.6 ktoe in 2018), Chernihiv oblast (382.2 ktoe in 2018) and Vinnytsia oblast (372.2 ktoe in 2018).

Prepared by: Semen Drahniev – Member of the Expert Council of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and Tetiana Zheliezna – Member of Auditing Committee for the platform of sustainable agribusiness SAF Ukraine.

Potential of corn residues in Ukraine in 2018. Semen Drahniev, Tetiana Zheliezna. The platform of sustainable agribusiness SAF Ukraine. September 04, 2019.

The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine since 2019 is a partner of the platform of sustainable agribusiness SAF Ukraine.