Why is biomethane the future? Briefly reply in the European Comission video, for which we have prepared Ukrainian subtitles.

Key arguments

Biomethane can be made of organic waste, like manure, food scraps or damaged crops, and is therefore a modern way of waste management. 

To REPowerEU and decarbonise our economy, the EU has set an ambitious, but realistic, target to produce 35 billion m2 of biomethane per year by 2030. Learn more about the benefits of biomethane – one of the main renewable gases of the future. The necessary investments for this are estimated at 37 billion euros.

The overall objectives of #REPowerEU are:

  • expanding the production of biogas to a sustainable volume which can be upgraded into biomethane;
  • promoting biomethane production from waste and residues, rather than from food and feedstocks;
  • the sustainable upgrading and safe injection of biomethane into the gas grid.

By 2024, under the Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC), EU countries will have to collect organic waste separately. This offers an opportunity to scale-up the production of sustainable biomethane and create income opportunities for farmers and foresters.

Biomethane will provide further diversification of gas supplies to the EU to gradually eliminate Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels and reduce the impact of volatile natural gas prices on consumers.

And, of course, we remind you that Ukraine has one of the greatest potentials for the production of biomethane!

Source: Європейська комісія.