Relevant information from UABIO experts on bioethanol production from sunflower biomass is already available on the SAF website.

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Development of bioethanol in Ukraine

In Ukraine, there are about 20 producers of bioethanol with a total capacity of over 300 thousand tons/year, but there are only 8 companies with a total capacity of 128 thousand tons/year that really produce bioethanol.

Raw materials for bioethanol production

The raw materials for the production of first-generation bioethanol in Ukraine can be such sugar-containing crops as sugar beet, sugar sorghum, as well as cereals, in particular corn. A significant amount of corn is exported annually for processing into bioethanol.

How much fuel can be obtained from sunflower stalks?

In terms of the equivalent amount of raw material, it can be produced 101.4 liters of bioethanol from 1 ton of sunflower stalks.

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