The Energoreforma online media briefly explains why such a decision will slow down the development of RES in Ukraine, in particular, bioenergy (in Ukrainian). It will be recalled that the National Action Plan for the Development of RES in the field of bioenergy has been implemented within 20%. The introduction of an additional tax on bioenergy will only worsen these indicators.

Who in Ukraine does not need green energy? This is a question for those who developed this solution – it is not based on understanding the differences between different types of renewable generation!

Georgii Geletukha

We emphasize once again that bioTPPs do not create problems in the energy system, they are absolutely predictable and do not need energy balancing. Moreover, this decision will affect positively the generation of heat from biomass and the modernization of the energy system as a whole.

We will remind, on June 2 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the draft law №5600 which provides exclusion of the electricity from RES and cogeneration installations from a group of the goods which are not subject to the excise duty that will lead to the introduction of excise tax on green electricity at 3.2%.

Source: The article “Abolition of the zero rate of excise duty on electricity is a completely unexpected, illogical and short-sighted decision – UABIO Head of the Board”: (in Ukrainian).