Welcome to the UABIO team new member – LLC “Teofipol Energy Company”!

We are glad to announce that this important national player is a new member of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

Teofipol energy company UABIO member

LLC “Teofipol Energy Company” have built and operates a biogas plant with a total capacity of 26 MW. It is worth noting that the company is a Ukrainian leader in the production of biogas. The company’s plant is one of the largest complexes in Europe. 107,410 m3 of biogas is produced per day.

The company plans to produce biomethane. They are already working on the production modernization into a biomethane plant with a capacity of 6,000 m3 of biomethane/hour.

The company also built and operates a modern bioethanol plant and exports the produced bioethanol to EU countries.

Information about the company

The main type of activity of “Theofipol Energy Company” LLC is the production of electricity.

The Teofipol Energy Company is part of the Ukraine 2001 group of companies, which is specialized on the cultivation of grain and industrial crops, pig and cattle breeding, sugar beet processing and sugar production. The idea of sugar pulp processing for electricity generation, arose in 2010. A successful European and world experience determined the possibilities and benefits of waste disposal.

In 2017, the first stage of the Teofipol biogas complex with a capacity of 5.1 MW(el) was built. In June 2018, the 2nd stage of the biogas complex with a capacity of 10.5 MW (electric) began operation. Subsequently, the 3rd and 4th stages were put into operation with a capacity of 6 MW(el) and 4.5 MW(el), respectively.

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