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Kernel Holding is one of the largest producers and exporters of sunflower oil in Ukraine, a leading supplier of agricultural products on the international market. The geography of exports covers up to 70 countries of the world.

  • The company has 363,000 hectares of land under cultivation.
  • The processing capacity of oil extraction plants is 3.5 million tons.

Kernel is a leader of changes and innovations among Ukrainian agricultural companies, introducing complex digitization of activities and step-by-step automation of business processes.

A new UABIO member Kernel company

The company’s sustainable approach

A comprehensive ecological approach to environmental protection is one of the key areas of Kernel’s corporate social responsibility.

The company cares about the rational use of natural resources and the preservation of a healthy environment, as well as introducing sustainable farming technologies and constantly reducing the amount of energy resources consumed in production.

Also, all Kernel offices are green.

Activities and plans of Kernel in the field of bioenergy

The company consistently and confidently strengthens the energy independence of its enterprises.

Large-scale investment projects have already been implemented, and thermal power plants are being built, which will burn hundreds of thousands of tons of sunflower husks per year.

In the future, the company plans to dispose of 100% of biomass.

We advise you to visit the Kernel website and follow the news on the official Kernel pages on social networks.

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