This myth is one of the most widespread in Ukraine.

Bioenergy is about sustainable forestation.

Wood residues, as well as illiquid and fuelwood, are used for bioenergy needs. High-quality wood is used for industrial purposes.

The growth of forest areas, even despite deforestation, is a global trend.
For example, in Ukraine per year forests grow by 11 million m3 more than are cut down for industry and firewood. The situation is the same in Europe and North America, where wood is used the most.

And most importantly – we are an agrarian state. Agrobiomass usage and growing energy crops are more promising for Ukraine. And UABIO is lobbying for the development of these sectors.

The total potential of wood biomass, theoretically available for energy production in Ukraine in 2018 was 17.6-21.2 million m3 – this is ONLY 13.4% among all biofuels.

The graphics we used and translated were from the Danish District Heating Association and Danish Energy Association.