So many different opinions and doubts about global warming. However, it is no longer time to doubt — it is time to publicly acknowledge the anthropogenic impact on climate change. Bioenergy is an integral part of the fight against climate change. Among all renewable energy sources in the world, bioenergy already reaches 60%.

This site collects myths and questions about global warming.

The climate has changed before

Natural climate changes in the past confirm that the climate is sensitive to energy imbalances. If the planet accumulates heat, global temperatures will rise. Today, CO2 causes an energy imbalance due to the greenhouse effect. It only confirms, in fact, the sensitivity of climate to CO2.

This is the Sun

Over the past 35 years, the Sun has shown a slight trend toward cooling. The sun and climate have opposite indicators.

There is nothing wrong with that

The negative impact of global warming on agriculture, health, and the environment leads to forced migration and other negative social processes. It frustrates the all possible benefits of fossil fuel use.

CO2 emissions is from the ocean

Analysis of the isotopic composition of hydrocarbon and falling oxygen levels in the atmosphere proves that the carbon increase comes at the expense of the combustion of fossil fuels, and not due to the ocean.

Limiting CO2 emissions will not change anything

Despite the fact that emission limits in each individual country do not give much, together it is possible to achieve a significant global reduction, but only with the consent of all countries to limit CO2.