Our arguments and proposals for the Concept are set out in a letter to the Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine Oleksiy Orzhel.

The Concept of the Energy Efficiency Policy of Ukraine (in Ukrainian).

Full text of UABIO’s letter No 478 on the proposals for the Concept of the Energy Efficiency Policy of Ukraine (in Ukrainian).

Creating a transparent and competitive market for solid biofuels

We propose to develop and approve:

  • Rules for e-commerce of solid biofuels.
  • Procedure for competitive selection of the operator of the solid biofuels  e-commerce system.
  • Requirements for the quality of solid biofuels that will be traded in the e-commerce system.

Increase an energy crops growing

Develop a system of state support for the cultivation of energy crops. UABIO has developed a draft law on providing state support and stimulating the cultivation of energy crops. We suggest to include them in the Concept action plan.

Create of a market mechanism for the heat supply sector regulation

To include in the Concept action plan  the adoption of all by-laws, which are envisaged in the Draft Law On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine on Implementation of Competition in District Heating Systems. Document provides creation of competitive heating systems and annual auctions for the purchase of heat.

Stimulating heat production from renewable sources

In 2019, UABIO has developed proposals for amendments to the Law on Heat Supply.  We propose:

  • Calculate tariffs for thermal energy from alternative sources without taking into account the natural gas tariffs.
  • Regulate the case when the alternative heat producer sells it to the district heating company. 
  • Tax exemption on carbon dioxide emissions from entities that is burning biofuels. That ran counter to world practice because biofuels are CO2-neutral fuels.

Why? Carbon dioxide emissions from biofuel combustion is tantamount to absorbing by plants during growth.


Creation of a competitive model for the promotion of electricity from renewable energy sources

We offer:

  • Establish a level of annual support for bioenergy projects of at least 200 MW, which will attract investors.
  • Extend the green tariff for biomass and biogas by 2035, which will attract investments for the projects under development.

Creation of a legislative mechanism replace imported gas and set up biomethane market

UABIO has developed a draft Law On Alternative Energy Sources for Promoting of Electricity Production from Biomethane, which provides:

  • Definition of the term “biomethane”.
  • Establishment of a biomethane production and consumption register.
  • Implementation of a “green” tariff for electricity from biomethane.

Position of the UABIO is prepared, discussed and agreed upon by the members of the UABIO, which produce more than 50% of all energy from biomass and biogas in Ukraine.