Online seminar “Ways of using the digestate of biogas plants as fertilizers” was conducted on 27 May in the framework of the EBRD and GEF Programme «Ukraine: Sustainable Bioenergy Value Chain Innovations».

The online meeting was attended by more than 180 specialists in the field of bioenergy, including representatives of agricultural companies, associations, the legislature and the executive, NGOs, energy business and scientists. More than 600 people joined the viewing.

Speakers: Kyrylo Tomliak – EBRD Program Manager, Oleksandr Dombrovskyi – President of MHP Eco Energy, Georgii Geletukha – Chairman of the Board of UABIO, Petro Kucheruk – UABIO Expert.

Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine Iryna Stavchuk made welcoming speech on the importance of the development of biogas technologies.

The development of biogas technologies for environmental aspects is extremely important. It is important in terms of disposing of organic residues. We often see that manure and other livestock waste remain in the fields, leading to a number of problems for both locals and for pollution of both groundwater and land resources. With proper disposal, the fertilizers can be got, and this workshop provides an understanding of how to make this process effective.

Kyrylo Tomliak presented the EBRD and GEF program “Ukraine: Sustainable Innovations in the Value Chain in Bioenergy”. He spoke about the amount of funding and features of participation in the program.

Presentation of EBRD and GEF Programme «Ukraine: Sustainable Bioenergy Value Chain Innovations». Kyrylo Tomliak – EBRD Program Manager (in Ukrainian)

Bioenergy is perhaps the most profitable type of energy generation. Bioenergy, in particular biogas plants, can improve soil quality. This industry creates a significant number of jobs, including in rural areas. And most importantly — bioenergy reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Petro Kucheruk spoke about the technological and economic aspects of using the digestate, as well as the results of the conducted market study.

Part 1. Technological and economic aspects of using digestate. Results of the market study. Petro Kucheruk – UABIO Expert (in Ukrainian)

Today in Ukraine there are no law definition of the terms “digestate” or “digestate products”. Digestate can be used effectively if the state norms and requirements for the production, trade, use and advertising of organic fertilizers in general, and digestate in particular, will be provided.

Georgii Geletukha explained the legal aspects and opportunities for the commercialization of the digestate in Ukraine.

Part 2. Legal aspects. Results of the market study. Georgii Geletukha – Chairman of the Board of UABIO (in Ukrainian)

Digest of biogas plants can be a valuable resource for maintaining/restoring soil fertility in Ukraine and make a significant contribution to replacing imported mineral fertilizers. Today in Ukraine there are barriers and restrictions on the need to transfer the digestate to other companies or commercialize products from it. It is important to overcome them.

Finally, Oleksandr Dombrovskyi told about the experience of using digestate from biogas plants as fertilizers and outlined the plans of MHP — one of the leader in the biogas sector of Ukraine.

Experience and plans of MHP on the use of digestate from biogas plants as fertilizers. Oleksandr Dombrovskyi – President of MHP Eco Energy (in Ukrainian)

Biogas technologies make possible to dispose industrial waste, including the food industry waste, and solve environmental safety problems. In particular, through digestate, which is a product of biogas technology. This is a model of the circular economy.

Durinf the “questions and answers” section experts answered to the all participants’ questions. The section can be viewed in the Event video by the link below.

Event video (in Ukrainian):