Recently, we have noticed an informational boom about the prospects for green hydrogen. UABIO supports the development of hydrogen technologies as one of the areas of production and use of renewable gases.

However, we believe that biomethane has even more prospects. These are the main:

  • the density of biomethane [kg / m3] is 8 times higher than the density of hydrogen;
  • the energy density of biomethane [MJ / m3] is 2.65 times higher than the density of hydrogen per 1 bar, 2.93 times higher than 60 bar and 2.74 times higher than 300 bar.

What does it mean?

Transporting one m3 of biomethane through a gas pipeline at a pressure of 60 bar will give 2.93 times more energy than transporting one m3 of hydrogen. This is a fundamental advantage of biomethane!

What other benefits does biomethane have?

The cost of biomethane today is 0.3-0.9 Euro / m3. It is competitive with the cost of hydrogen. That is why we see the greatest prospects in the combination of advantages of both of these renewable gases.

How to combine hydrogen and biomethane?

  1. place green hydrogen installation close to a biomethane plant;
  2. convert green hydrogen into biomethane by reacting it with CO2, which is released during the production of biomethane;
  3. to pump into the gas pipeline biomethane from the biomethane plant + biomethane into which the “green” hydrogen was converted.