Few arguments from UABIO.

It will be recalled that biomethane is a near to 100% methane produced either by “upgrading” biogas or through the gasification of solid biomass. Biomethane is no different from natural gas, so it can be transported and used in the same way.

The register of biomethane production and consumption

The amount of biomethane supplied to the gas transmission or distribution system will be tracked due to the register, as well as the origin of biomethane will be guaranteed.

Legislative changes are the first and most important step

UABIO together with the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine has developed a draft Law On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine On Alternative Energy Sources to stimulate electricity production from biomethane, which provides a legal basis for creating a register of production and consumption of biomethane.

The register functioning

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine must adopt a resolution, determining the procedure for the operation of the register.

Green tariff

We offer to provide it for:

  • producers of electricity from biomethane in the same amount as for biomass and biogas – 12.4 eurocents / kWh.
  • existing CHPs and cogeneration plants, which will buy biomethane from producers and produce electricity at a green tariff.