Up-to-date analysis of data of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities in July from UABIO expert Yevhen Oliinyk. Electricity from biomass increased by 16% of production volumes to 28 million kWh, and from biogas — by 2%.

Why is that?

Biomass power plant TPP Eydzhyel Enerdzhy (Nova Vodolaha) with a capacity of 7 MW put into operation and completed commissioning work. It operates on granules of sunflower husk. The first 672 thousand kWh of green electricity was sold to the grid in July.

Key indicators:

  • As before, 16 companies received a green tariff for electricity from biomass and 33 companies – from biogas.
  • Three CHPs and two biogas plants received a surcharge to the green tariff of 10% for the usage of local equipment and materials.
  • During July 2020, total electricity production from RES increased by 90 million kWh, which is 109% compared to the previous month.
  • In total, 395.5 million kWh of “green” electricity was generated from biomass and biogas in 2020, which is 6.4% of the total production of electricity from renewable sources in 2020, of which solid biomass – 2.6%.