We continue to talk about the international experience that Ukraine needs to attract today. The most interesting projects were chosen in the Czech Republic.


  • The private company operates its own CHP on grass biomass and provides heat supply services.
  • The electric capacity of the CHP is 23 MW.
  • The source of energy is grain and rapeseed straw and purposefully grown energy crops.
  • The annual consumption of straw is 55 thousand tons. 
  • As a rule, the supply of raw materials is carried out at a distance of up to 50 km from the power plant. The company has a long-term contract for 10 years and provides straw harvesting services for its partners. The company offers for fuel suppliers the opportunity to take a certified ash-based fertilizer after combustion.


  • A private company was created in September 2011 and included RSJ operates its own CHP on grass biomass and provides heat Investments (92%) and Dewarec (8%), which provided the project with the necessary financial resources. 
  • The power plant is equipped with a steam boiler with a fluidized bed, suitable for burning a wide range of different types of biomass.
  • The electric capacity of the CHP is 4.9 MW in the condensing regime. 
  • The project lasted from 2011 to 2015. 
  • The total investment costs for the project amounted to 525 million Czech crowns. 
  • With very few exceptions, the complete technology was manufactured in the Czech Republic and supplied by Czech partners.
  • Condensing heat from condensing cooling is partially used for air conditioning of raw material storage.


  • The company is the operator of three large biomass boiler houses that supply thermal energy to district heating networks. 
  • During the period 2001-2004, water heating and thermal oil boilers on wood, as well as a cogeneration unit with an ORC module, were installed at the Třebíč – Sever boiler house. 
  • A water-heating straw-burning boiler with a capacity of 5 MW was put into operation in 2006. 
  • Another Třebíč- Jih boiler house has two 3 MW wood-fired boilers on wood chips and two 5 MW hot-water boilers running on straw and using its own cigar burning technology.

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