From December 8 to 11, 2020, the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine conducted measurements of emissions, efficiency, and monitoring of the operating parameters of a boiler operating on grain waste at Volyn-Kalvis LLC. The measurements were performed within the EU Horizon 2020 AgroBioHeat project.

Different types of grain waste are supplied by agricultural enterprises located near the city of Kovel, which accumulate this agrobiomass during grain cleaning. The agrobiomass delivered to the boiler plant is loaded into the warehouse with the walking floor feeding system, which provides automated fuel supply. The 500 kW KALVIS-500M1 boiler with moving grates is used for the combustion of grain waste. The boiler has been heating industrial and office premises of over 3,000 m2 for 5 years. This boiler is fully automated with a regulated air supply. A cyclone is used to clean flue gases.

Why this project is a lighthouse case?

Such technical solution based on cheap local agrobiomass can be implemented in many settlements of Ukraine for heating municipal and commercial facilities. This will significantly decrease costs of heating compared to the use of natural gas and coal and will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Project results

Samples of agrobiomass, bottom and filter ashes were taken for the research. Various continuous and periodic measurements were performed. Some preliminary results showed high efficiency of the boiler operation at acceptable emission levels. Detailed results of the measurements will be presented after the data processing.

We express our sincere gratitude to Anatolii Ponikarchuk, Director of Volyn-Kalvis LLC, for organizing and facilitating the research.