We propose to provide a percentage of permissible deviations for electricity producers using biomass and biogas. Similarly for entities that produce wind energy (10%) and solar energy (5%). 

At present, this sector operates under discriminatory  conditions. Because there are no permissible deviations of the actual hourly volumes of electricity supply for economic entities that produce electricity from biomass and biogas.

They incur significant losses through the compensation to the Guaranteed Buyer of the value of their imbalances, the occurrence of which is independent of them.

Electricity production from biomass and biogas cannot be carried out without any deviations



  1. During the production of electricity from biomass, wastes from forest products and agriculture are used. Its structure is heterogeneous with different characteristics that affect the process of electricity production. During the incineration of such waste, the boiler performance is constantly changing and there is an uneven generation of steam supplied to the turbogenerator, which, in turn, through different amounts of steam produces different amounts of electricity supplied to the grid. Therefore, to ensure zero deviations from the projected and released electricity in its production from biomass in practice is impossible.
  2. There is no market for solid biofuels in Ukraine. In fact, companies receive biofuels in natural units: fuel chips in kg, dense wood in m3, and not in caloric equivalent, as defined by European practice. That’s why companies can not know in advance what fuel will be supplied.
  3. The intensity of biogas formation depends on the composition of raw materials, seasonality, as well as climatic conditions, including changes in atmospheric pressure, precipitation, air temperature, the quality composition of biogas. This significantly affects the stability of the biogas combustion plants.

Letter are sent to the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Energy, Housing and Utilities Services Andrii Gerus, the acting Minister of Energy of Ukraine Yuriy Vitrenko with a request to consider the proposals of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and submit them to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The position of the UABIO is prepared, discussed, and agreed upon by the members of the UABIO, which produce more than 50% of all energy from biomass and biogas in Ukraine.