At the same time, the world overall is 1.1 degrees. Climatologists from the Borys Sreznevsky Central Geophysical Observatory have analyzed the warmest year in Kyiv in 140 years.


Observations from the observatory’s meteorological station show that last year’s average annual temperature in Kyiv rose to + 10.9 ° C, which is 3.2 ° C higher than the climatic norm. Thus, 2020 was a record year since 1881.

Situation by months:

  • For 11 months of the year, the average monthly temperatures were higher than the climatic norm;
  • May – the only month that was colder than the climatic norm;
  • January, February, March had the highest deviations from the average long-term indicators by 6.4 ° С, 6.7 ° С, 5.8 ° С, respectively;
  • December 7 – the coldest day (minus 9.5 ° C), September 1 – the hottest day (the temperature in the shade reached + 34.7 ° C).

In total, 36 temperature records were set in Kyiv in 2020, with the highest number in March – 12.

Source: Borys Sreznevsky Central Geophysical Observatory