Did you know that this crop has significant energy potential? We offer analysis from UABIO expert Semen Dragniev.

This is the main oil crop in our country. Baseline indicators:

  • In 2019/2020, the gross harvest of sunflower seeds in Ukraine amounted to 16.5 million tons, which is almost 30% of world production.
  • The average yield in Ukraine exceeds the world average since 2008, and in 2019 reached 25.8 c / ha, which is higher than the average yield in the EU.

In addition to seeds, this crop provides a significant resource of biomass for energy use. Thus, during the processing of sunflower seeds about 15% of the husk is formed, which is mainly burned for energy needs and processed into fuel pellets and briquettes. Also as energy biomass can be used by-products of sunflower seed production, in particular, stems and baskets of sunflower. On average, the output coefficient of sunflower by-products to seeds is 1.9. take the yield of by-products of sunflower to seed 1.9.

Assessment of energy potential of sunflower production by-products in Ukraine in 2019 was made taking into consideration methods developed by the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. The results are the following:

  • Theoretical potential (the whole amount of the generated by-products) is 28.9 Mt or 4.2 Mtoe;

Economic potential (the amount available for energy production, which is 40% of the theoretical potential) makes up 11.6 Mt or 1.7 Mtoe.

In 2019, the biggest potential of sunflower by-products was in:

  • Kirovohrad region (with the economic potential of 167.8 ktoe),
  • Kharkiv region (161.3 ktoe),
  • Dnipropetrovsk region (157.8 ktoe).

Source: UABIO Position Paper 25 “Prospects of sunflower residues use for energy