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We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine that even in wartime we can work and expand our team.


Flexsol offers innovative products to protect the environment, developing effective solutions for the hermetic storage of liquids. The company is a part of the Polymerconsulting group of companies, a leading supplier of polymer fabrics to the Ukrainian market since 2003.

The anthropogenic impact on the planet’s ecosystem is significantly reduced thanks to the disposal of products and liquids and the sealing of poisonous substances. More than 500 companies from 20 countries around the world use Flexsol products for hermetic storage of liquids and gases.

The company’s products

Flexsol uses modern European equipment, tested materials and components with high quality guaranteed.

  • Flexible tanks for storage and transportation;
  • Polymer inserts;
  • Silage coverings.

Areas of product application

Agriculture: flexible tanks for liquid fertilizers, rainwater for irrigation and animal watering, storage of manure and wastewater.

Army and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine: soft mobile containers for fuel or water and pneumatic tents for refugee camps and military deployments.

Industry: hermetic storage of wastewater, food and industrial effluents, fire containers.

Municipalities: operational reserves of water for firefighting, repair works and city events.


  • The company is certified according to international quality standards ISO 9001-2015 TUV NORD.
  • It has modern production and its own patented Double Seam Protection technology (DSP solution | TVF technology), as well as modern European high-frequency equipment.
  • TVF technology makes it possible to make welded seams of fabrics as airtight as possible. In addition, the seams are treated with special insulating tape, which excludes the possibility of violating the integrity of the product.
  • Flexible containers, polymer liners, and covers for silos, and biogas plants are manufactured on European-made FIAB 900 equipment.

Peculiarities of cooperation with Flexsol

The company produces innovative products to protect the environment. Flexsol uses modern European equipment, tested materials, and components with high quality guaranteed. It provides an official warranty for 5 years on our products. While the operational life of products is more than 10 years. Also, training on the use of the product, methods, and sales models are conducted for customers. POS materials and technical support are provided.

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