We sincerely thank the National Commission for State Energy Regulation (NERC) of Ukraine for improving the gas codes in terms of simplifying the connecting of biomethane producers.

Підʼєднання виробників біометану спрощено

Today, the resolution  “On Approval of Amendments to Certain NEURC Resolutions on Promoting the Development of Biomethane Production” was adopted, which will definitely contribute to the biomethane infrastructure expansion.

Amendments have been made to:

  • the Gas Transmission System Code;
  • the Gas Distribution Code.

The document defines the specificities of connecting a reverse compressor station, a part of the gas transmission system, which facilitates the physical transfer of surplus gas from the biomethane production facilities to the Gas Transmission System from the gas distribution systems.

These changes contribute to the alleviation of the technical limitations of biomethane transmission to the gas distribution system, thereby incentivizing biomethane producers to increase gas production volumes. 

This Resolution will enable virtual and physical storage and transfer of biomethane to Ukrainian consumers and export of biomethane via the Gas Transmission System to the European Union.

It is the important step towards energy independence!