Welcome to the UABIO team new member – Biogas-Consult company!

We are glad to announce that the Ukrainian company “BIOGAS-CONSULT” is a new member of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

biogas-consult uabio member

The company has been operating on the market for over 4 years and specializes in the supply of domestic biogas plants. It has a high level of expertise in production, technological, environmental and economic issues of the biogas sector. BIOGAS-CONSULT is an exclusive partner of leading international companies which supplying technological equipment and consumables for biogas plants.

About the company

BIOGAS-CONSULT LTD is engaged in the supply of a wide range of biogas equipment, spare parts, activated carbon, trace elements, applicators and gas analytical equipment for domestic biogas plants, namely:

  1. Wangen pumping equipment and spare parts for it;
  2. SUMA mixers and spare parts for them;
  3. Bauer separators and spare parts for them;
  4. BioG feeder systems and spare parts for them;
  5. Equipment for collecting BioG nutrient residues and spare parts for them;
  6. Highly effective trace elements and Atres enzymes;
  7. Adfis high-quality activated carbon for the purification of hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes;
  8. Gas analytical equipment PRONOVA, Gas Data, GeoTech (spare parts and service).

In addition, BiOGAZ-CONSULT provides services related to technological issues of technology selection and management of biogas plants. The company’s services include:

  • Feasibility study for the construction of a biogas plant;
  • Facility technological examination;
  • Programme development of the biogas facility biological start-up/restart;
  • Remote technological support during the operation of the biogas plant.

Learn more about the company on the website: https://eng.biogas-consult.com.

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Join the team of specialists and market leaders! Let’s develop bioenergy together.

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