Welcome to the UABIO team new member – MHP VERDANT LLC!

Now two companies from the large MHP family are part of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine: MHP VERDANT and MHP ECO ENERGY!

MHP VERDANT is a new division that is responsible for the development of biogas and biomethane sectors at MHP. We are proud of the trust in the UABIO from such a powerful brand!

MHP Verdant in the UABIO team

About MHP

MHP is the largest producer and exporter of chicken in Ukraine. The company specializes in the production of chicken and, in particular, the cultivation of cereals, as well as other agricultural activities (manufacture of meat and sausage products and ready-to-eat meat products). The use of renewable energy sources is one of the priority tasks of the brand. Today, MHP successfully operates two biogas complexes.

The implementation of biogas projects allows the company to effectively dispose of production waste, generate cleanenergy, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and produce environmentally friendly organic fertilizers.

High-quality, safe and environmentally friendly products, green energy and clean nature are world standards that are implemented at MHP enterprises.

Company goals:

  1. Achieving energy independence through the use of renewable sources;
  2. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
  3. Production of environmentally friendly organic biofertilizers;
  4. Environmental protection and combating climate change.

We are glad that we are joining the efforts of powerful market players!

Learn more about the company on the website: https://mhp.com.ua/en/glorytoUkraine.

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Join the team of specialists and market leaders! Let’s develop bioenergy together!

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