On February 9, the annual General Meeting of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABIO) took place, during which members of the organization discussed the achievements of 2023 and plans for 2024.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, Georgii Geletukha, thanked all members and employees of the organisation for their work, and also presented a detailed report.

Among the issues that were discussed:

  1. Participation in legislative work in 2023;
  2. Involvement of UABIO members;
  3. Events organized by the Association;
  4. Informational opportunities for UABIO members;
  5. Communication results in 2023;
  6. Publications in media and scientific publications;
  7. UABIO work plans in 2024;
  8. Participation in the BIOMETHAVERSE project;
  9. Training program on biomethane production;
  10. Partnership project between associations and chambers.

Download the presentation of Georgii Geletukha (in Ukrainian)