Period: 06/2019 - 05/2022
Financing: Horizon2020

Project REGATRACE «REnewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe»

Project is executed together with Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABio). UABio  is linked to EBA and involved in the task «Support for biomethane market uptake»

Consortium: 15 partners in 10 countries: ISINNOVA, CIB (IT), EBA, AIB, ERGaR, Fluxys (BE), RFGI (IE), DENA, DBFZ (DE), AGCS (AT), Elering (EE), UPEBI (PL), ARBIO (RO), NEDGIA (ES), Amber (LT). 12 EBA (European Bioenergy Association) Linked Third Parties + 5 ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry) Linked Third Parties

REGATRACE project aims creating an efficient trade system based on issuing and trading biomethane/renewable gases Guarantees of Origin (GoO). This objective will be achieved through the founding pillars: – European biomethane/renewable gases GoO system – Set-up of national GoO issuing bodies – Integration of GoO from different renewable gas technologies with electric and hydrogen GoO systems – Integrated assessment and sustainable feedstock mobilisation strategies and technology synergies – Support for biomethane market uptake – Transferability of results beyond the project’s countries.

Contact person in Ukraine: Yuri Matveev (Bioenergy Association of Ukraine/SEC Biomass): +380 44 453-28-56,