15 associations of Ukraine signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field of ecology

The Bioenergy Association of Ukraine has become one of the 15 profile associations of Ukraine in the field of energy, metallurgy, agro-sector, water management, etc., which signed the Memorandum on cooperation in the field of ecology. The signing took place on July 12, 2019, during the briefing "Environmental manipulations: the price for Ukraine", conducted at the initiative of the Professional Association of Environmentalists of Ukraine.

Congratulations to UABio members with the registration as candidates for people's deputies

We are pleased to announce that UABio members were registered as candidates for people's deputies for the elections of people's deputies of Ukraine that will be held on July 21, 2019: Director General of the LLC "Metropolia" Viktor Kurtiev was registered as a candidate for people's deputy of Ukraine in the single mandate electoral district No. 143. The subject of the nomination is the political party "Sluga narodu".. Deputy Director General of PJSC "Ecoprod" Bohdan Rogachenko was registered as a candidate for people's deputy of Ukraine in the single mandate electoral district No. 60, a self-nomination. Congratulations to our colleagues! We wish you...

AgroBioHeat: 2nd meeting of partners in Croatia

UABio experts Tetiana Zheliezna and Semeon Drahniev took part in the second project meeting of the AgroBioHeat project took place in Zagreb (Croatia) 3-5 July, 2019. The results of the project tasks for the first 6 months were presented and the plans for the second half of the year were discussed at the meeting. In particular, the planned steps to attract different stakeholders to the project to use of agrobiomass for heating systems in countries such as Croatia, Romania, France, Ukraine, Spain, and Greece were considered. Representatives of the Danish center Agro Business Park (ABP) talked about Denmark's experience in...

Eduard Kharchyna was elected to the Public Council under the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine and registered as a candidate for people's deputies

We are pleased to announce that UABio member Eduard Kharchyna was elected to the Public Council of State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine. The main tasks of the Public Council are to exercise public control over the activities of the SNRCU and to promote the consideration of public opinion during the formation and implementation of state policy. Eduard Kharchiyna is also registered as a candidate for people's deputies of Ukraine in the multi-member state-wide electoral district according to the list of the political party “Gromadyanska pozytsiya” Anatoliy Grytsenko at number 16. Congratulations to our colleague and wish you successful work on the promotion...

About prospects of "green" energy in Ukraine. Interview with Georgiy Geletuchi for Channel 8

Is there an alternative to expensive gas in Ukraine? What are the prospects for "green" energy in Ukraine? Why is it worth introducing a biofuel exchange? Where it is profitable to grow energy crops, and is it cost-effective? These and other topical questions were answered by Georgii Geletukha, Chairman of the Board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, in his interview for the release of "Information Day" on Channel 8 July 4, 2019.  See the full interview HERE (in Ukrainian) More about the discussed issues you can read in the articles of UABio experts:: > Analysis of the main trends of bioenergy development in the...

Articles of members

Do the "boundary tariffs" for heat energy solve the problems of housing and public utilities?

In June, the Government of Ukraine set boundary tariffs for heat for the population for the heating season of 2019-2020, arguing that it was necessary to end the tyranny of local "communal barons", which force the population to overpay for their own mismanagement and inefficiency. However, such a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers may lead to a situation where, with the increase in the price of natural gas, these boundary tariffs for heat energy will be lower than the economically sound level and district heating utilities will incur significant losses. Do the "boundary tariffs" for heat energy solve the problems of...

Projection of biomethane production in Europe

According to the forecast of the European Biogas Association, the production of biomethane in Europe in 2020 will be 26% of the total biogas production (6.5 billion m³ biomethane). In 2030, the share of biomethane - that is, enriched biogas - should increase to 37.5% (this is 18 billion m³ of biomethane). ▪️ Italy is predicted to become a leader in biomethane production in a few years. There are already 250 compressed gas stations (CNG) and 22 liquefied methane (LNG) stations in Italy, and more than a million cars and 3300 buses use methane as a fuel. ▪ In France, according to...

Bioenergy projects in poultry farming: successful examples

The article deals with: Status and prospects of poultry development in Ukraine What bioenergy projects in the poultry sector have been successfully implemented by Ukrainian agrarian enterprises? What are the benefits for agrarian enterprise from biogas complex working on poultry farming residues? Relevance The number of birds in Ukraine in the last 5 years is kept at the level of 83-92% of their number in 1991. For comparisons: the industrial livestock of cattle for the analogous period is only 5-6%, for pigs is 23-27% from the indicators of the same 1991. This testifies the attractiveness of the poultry sector and the stability of its development in...

Fund raising for the biogas plant construction

As soon as enterprises build their own biogas plant, they simultaneously get rid of waste disposal problems and receive an additional source of income. (Details: Interview by Sergiy Shpak – director of Ecodevelop company) However, only a few of them have the opportunity to fully finance the project at their own expense.  The article considers the terms, advantages, and disadvantages of the following financing options for biogas plant construction: Getting credit Leasing Strategic investor Portfolio Investor Read the full article here: Fund raising for the biogas plant construction. Korolov O., Investment Analyst. Developer and engineering company "Ecodevelop". June 21, 2019   Ecodevelop company since 2018 is a full member of the Bioenergy...

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