UABio Infographics: IMF on climate change issues

Two equally important point, that, accordingly to International Monetary Fund, will help climate change issues solving. Infographics - for when a 30 Page UABio Analytics is just too much :-) 

Updated Manual "Preparation and Implementation of projects on natural gas substitution with biomass in heat energy production in Ukraine"

Manual "Preparation and Implementation of projects on natural gas substitution with biomass in heat energy production in Ukraine" includes: -  updated information on energy potential and usage of biomass for energy purposes in 2014; - updated section on national goals and policy of Ukraine concerning energy production from biomass support; - advanced information on energy usage of straw pellets; - extended technical information about the technology and parameters of biomass burning methods; - added information on the environmental requirements for biomass and gas cleaning system installation, ash usage; - advanced list of successful biofuel production practices and thermal energy from biomass; -...

UABio letter on harmonization of Ukrainian and European environmental requirements for installations burning biomass and biofuels

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine appealed to the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Semerak O.M., Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Zubko G.G. and Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Savchuk S.D. with proposals on the harmonization of current ecologic legislation of Ukraine, regulating emissions from energy plants burning biomass and biofuels, with the requirements of the European Union. Currently, the environmental requirements for certain categories of energy plants in Ukraine do not meet the requirements of the EU, and...

Invitation to sponsorship of the International Conference "Biomass for Energy" 2016

International Conference "Biomass for Energy" for the 12th year, brings together national and foreign experts of bioenergy sector and is a major sector event in Ukraine. We invite interested companies to sponsorship of the Conference. Sponsorship Packages

Programme of the "Biomass for Energy" conference, 20-21 September 2016

Organizing Committee of the 12th International Conference "Biomass for Energy" is glad to inform you that preliminary Programme of the Conference has been prepared. "Biomass for Energy" conference annually brings together market players of bioenergy sector, government officials, MPs and representatives of the scientific sphere to share experiences and achievements, and to determine the problems of the sector and ways to overcome them. PROGRAMME (preliminary) Delegate fee amounts 300 EUR for early bird payments before August 1, 2016 Participation conditions and registration Read more at the "Biomass for Energy" conference website

Articles of members

Analysis of energy strategies of EU and world countries and a role of renewables in their energy systems. Part 2

In the second part of the article "Analysis of energy strategies of EU and world countries and a role of renewables in their energy systems", which was published in the third issue of applied scientific journal "Promyslova teplotekhnika" (Industrial heat engineering) experts of UABio discussed the state of the art and prospects for renewable energy development in the world, the European Union. The article contains analyses of existing energy strategies and forecasts of energy development. Special attention is paid to the countries, which set a target to reach 50% RES in their final energy consumption by 2050. It is shown...

Opportunities for harvesting by-products of grain corn for energy production in Ukraine. Part 1

In the seventh issue of all-ukrainian research and production magazine «Bioenergy» an article of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine experts: Semen Dragnev, Tetiana Zhelyezna and Georgii Geletukha was published. The article covers issues related to the state of the art and prospects for grain corn production in the world and Ukraine. By-products of grain corn potential in regions of Ukraine is identified. The information about fuel characteristics of by-products of grain corn (BPGC) is shown. Particular attention is given to the best practices of grain corn harvesting in the USA. Allowable share of corn residues alienation for Ukraine’s conditions is determined. The estimation of...

Myths and truth about gas supstitution in Ukraine

Chairman of Supervisory Board of "Ukrteplo" Ivan Nadein told to journalists of "Energy of Ukraine" about the real situation with the substitution of natural gas in Ukraine. Despite the government's reporting on the substitution of natural gas and the launch of a large number of projects that use renewable sources, in fact, everything is not so smooth and rosy, as they say on the TV screen. About 6 myths and the truth of the natural gas replacement in Ukraine read in the full article of web-project "Energy of Ukraine" (in Russian)

Prospects for the development of bioenergy as an instrument for natural gas replacement in Ukraine

Georgiy Geletukha, Tetyana Zheliezna, Olha Haidai. Journal "Promyslova teplotekhnika" (Industrial heat engineering), 2015, v.37, N6 (p.56-65) (in Ukrainian). The paper covers the present state and prospects for the development of bioenergy in Ukraine until 2020. Some supporting instruments for the bioenergy sector introduced by the government in 2014 are analyzed. Read the article "Prospects for the development of bioenergy as an instrument for natural gas replacement in Ukraine"

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Директор ДП «ГрінЕнерго», керівник національного проекту «Енергія біомаси», керівник національного проекту «Енергія біогазу»

Georges Seil

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