Bioenergy as a chance to replace 2/3 of Ukraine's gas needs: is the mission possible?

So far, the energy crop growing sector in Ukraine is in its infancy, with almost 4,000 hectares of marginal land planted with energy crops. For the most part it is energy willow, poplar and miscanthus, which yield an average annual yield of 20 t/ha. Potentially energy crops in the country can replace about 20 billion m³ of natural gas, or two thirds of the country's gas needs. In Article:- About energy crops and bioenergy potential of Ukraine- Six successful examples of bioenergy facilities in Ukraine Read full article "Bioenergy as a chance to replace 2/3 of Ukraine's gas needs: is the mission possible?...

Interview by director of Ecodevelop about the experience of building modern biogas plants

Sergiy Shpak, Director of Ecodevelop, spoke about the experience of building modern biogas plants and the company’s development. When did the company start to deal with bioenergy projects and in what direction is the development going now? The first pilot project of the biogas station (BGS) was implemented by Ecodevelop 2 years ago. Then we acted as a customer of the project in the village of Bziv, Kyiv region. In the process of implementing our own biogas station, we have gained invaluable experience that helps us in the construction of modern biogas stations.  Today, in addition to operating the Bziv station and bringing...

Post-release of the seminar "Tax and Customs Issues for the Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects", 23 April 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine

On April 23, 2019 seminar "Tax and Customs Issues for the Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects" was held in Kyiv. The seminar was organized by Sayenko Kharenko Law Company. The partners of the event were the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and Ukrainian Wind Energy Association. The event was attended by about 50 participants, including representatives of profile associations, equipment suppliers for renewable energy (RE) projects, representatives of energy companies and the State fiscal service of Ukraine. The issues of customs clearance of equipment during the implementation of RE projects, features of product classification, financing of RES projects and taxation of interest payments...

New UABio member - Roman Semyanchuk

We are pleased to announce that a new member of UABio has joined us - Roman Semyanchuk! Roman Semyanchuk is the director of logistics company "T.R.I.A.D.A", which deals with national and international freight transport by road. The team of CU "Bioenergy Association of Ukraine" is grateful for the support! We continue to create a common platform for cooperation on bioenergy market of Ukraine, ensuring the most favorable business conditions for accelerated and sustainable bioenergy development. We invite you to join UABio and receive a free registration for the 15th International Conference "Biomass for Energy 2019" , September 24-25, 2019 in Kyiv.

How to make biogas complex successful – MHP Eco Energy experience

Ivan Traksler, director of MHP Eco Energy and the first in Ukraine 5.7 MW biogas complex in his speech at the IV Seminar of Sustainable Agribusiness Forum (SAF Ukraine) described the main points that need to be moved so that the biogas complex was successful and worked on design capacity. According to him, in order to correctly construct and start the biogas complex (BC) from the idea to the result it is necessary to fulfill a number of prerequisites, namely: to design and construct the BC, adhering to all requirements concerning the quality of materials, insulation and technological equipment; to correctly...

Articles of members

Prospects for the production and consumption of second generation biofuels in Ukraine

The article analyzes the current state of production of second generation biofuels in the world and evaluates the possibility of launching such production in Ukraine. The work is topical due to the fact that liquid biofuels can replace a certain share of motor fuels consumed in Ukraine, thus contributing to the strengthening of the country's energy independence. The purpose of the study is to assess feasibility of a project on the production of second generation bioethanol in Ukraine; the task is to carry out a preliminary feasibility study for such a project. The research methods include a review of the existing plants...

Life cycle assessment of heat production from chips of Miscanthus x giganteus in Ukraine

The purpose of the paper is to define the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of bioenergy value chain for heat production from chips of Miscanthus x giganteus in Ukraine. The methodology of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was used, according to which, the scope of the product system includes the feedstock cycle of Miscanthus x giganteus cultivation and harvest, and the subsystem of Miscanthus chips conversion to heat in a 500 kW biomass boiler. Cumulative energy demand and energy yield coefficient were chosen as energy efficiency indicators. The product system was compared with the similar one using natural gas. Non-renewable energy yield...

When the heat in the heat supply systems will be cheaper?

The article deals with: Use of low-temperature thermal energy sources in utilization installations; Current Ukrainian state standards for waste heat utilization; European experience in supporting waste heat utilization. Quote from the article:"The level of technological development allows implementing projects of waste heat utilization and transformation it into heat with other parameters, cold and electricity and heat accumulation." Read the full article here: When the heat in the heat supply systems will be cheaper? Yevhen Oliinyk – Board Member of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine. Electronic edition "Ukraine Communal", November 22, 2018 (in Ukrainian) The article is prepared on the basis of the USAID project "Municipal Energy...

How will end-users be affected by the simplification of third-party access to heat networks?

In past articles (You can read here, here and here), we talked about how simplifying the access of third parties (independent heat energy producers) to heat networks can improve the situation in centralized heat supply, and what should be done for this. Now is the time to tell more what changes should consumers be expected, if such a system will work. The article deals with the following issues: What affects the fare for the end-user connected to competitive DH systems? How the price of heat energy for Lithuanian heat supply companies in the cities of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda is changing? What changes will affect...

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