Why Ukraine lags behind in the implementation of fair competition in the district heating

Why Ukraine lags behind in the establishment of fair competition in the district heating, as it is done in Europe. More on the issue read in the article "Disrict Heating" published in the analytical magazine "Housing and communal services of Ukraine". Of course, a role played by the fact that until recently there were price distortions in tariffs for thermal energy for different types of consumers due to the subsidized price of natural gas. As a result, tariffs for the population, whose share in the consumption of heat in district heating systems is in some villages up to 85-90%, were so...

UABio reviewed the Draft Energy strategy of Ukraine to 2035

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine appealed to the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Nasalyk, I. with comments on the Draft Energy Strategy of Ukraine to 2035 "Safety, efficiency, competitiveness." According to UABio experts, the Draft of the new Energy strategy, being discussed, is built on a traditional sectoral approaches of the current situation in the industry preservation, not giving a priority to substantial increase in energy efficiency of the economy, increasing the share of renewable energy, implementing the potential obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris climate agreement. The adoption of a new Energy strategy...

UABio joined AEBIOM

Dear colleagues and friends! We are pleased to announce that the application of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine to join the European Biomass Association was approved by AEBIOM Board, and from now UABio is a Full Member of AEBIOM! AEBIOM network is gathering 30 national associations and around 94 companies coming from 30 different countries from Europe and beyond. Together AEBIOM members are representing more than 4000 companies and research centers. We expect that membership in AEBIOM will help UABio to reach a new level of understanding of bioenergy development in EU countries and cooperation with the national associations, individual companies and AEBIOM! Website...

UABio position concerning "green" tariff for electricity produced by thermochemical gasification of biomass

A company from Vinnitsa city "Agrobudtekhnologii" Ltd. has addressed to the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine for the expert opinion concerning "green tariff" provision for electricity produced by thermochemical biomass gasification. Earlier this company addressed to NEURC in its letter of 7 November 2016 concerning obtaining of the "green tariff" for the modernized cogeneration plant, which switches from the natural gas to biogas. The raw material for the production of biogas combusted in the cogeneration units of LLC "Agrobudtekhnologii" is expected to be baled biomass from the waste of wood processing industry (wood pellets, wood chips), briquettes from agricultural residues (sunflower husks, etc.)...

Articles of members

Competition vs monopoly in heat supply

Oleksandr Dombrovskyi, Sergiy Savchuk, Georgiy Geletukha, Diana Korsakaite, Volodymyr Kramar in the article "Competition vs monopoly in heat supply" wrote about  the essential prerequisites for reducing the cost of heat and improve the quality of services for consumers. The article was published in the analytical magazine "Housing and communal services of Ukraine". The experience of developed European countries shows that one of the effective ways to ensure the development and increase the efficiency of heating systems is the introduction of competitive relations in this area. Currently, in the district heating of Ukraine, the vast majority of manufacturers and suppliers of heat belong...

Analysis of criteria for sustainable development of bioenergy

EU sustainability criteria for the production and consumption of biofuels  are analyzed. The paper reviews current EU policy on sustainable bioenergy and future  plans.  It is shown that general trend is appearance of wider and stricter  requirements for the sustainability of biofuels. Recommendations for the sustainable production of biofuels in Ukraine are presented. Analysis of criteria for sustainable development of bioenergy. Georgiy Geletukha, Tetiana Zhelyezna, Oleksandra Tryboi, Anatoliy Bashtovyi, Scientific journal "Industrial Heat Engineering", 2016, N6 (p. 49-57) (in Ukrainian) or in English

What model of heat market is needed for Ukraine

Volodymyr Maistryshyn, Oleksandr Dombrovskyi, Georgiy Geletukha, ZN.UA, N43-44, November 19, 2016. In Ukraine, district heating market consists of utility companies, which combine production, transportation and supply of heat, and also provide their customers with service of hot water and heating. Activities in the field of heating and belongs to the monopoly regulated by the state (NKREKP) - licensing, tariff setting and monitoring of such companies. However, the desire of central and local authorities to satisfy consumers often comes up against a wall of political "unwillingness" and their own economic interests. The main goal of a competitive market is to protect the economic...

Analysis of operation models in the district heating sector of EU countries. Part 2

The paper covers basic designs of district heating market and existing ways for heat tarif setting by the examples of selected European countries. It is shown that most of the countries apply the single-buyer model though, for example, Finland is considering possibility for implementing the network access model. Main problems of Ukraine’s district heating sector are analyzed. Due to the monopolistic position of district heating companies, there are no preconditions for the development of competitiveness in the heat market, for the improvement of heat quality and reduction of its production cost. The system for setting heat tariff is also imperfect...

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