Creation of the competitive biofuel market in Ukraine -18th Position Paper of UABio

At present, the market of biomass for energy is underdeveloped in Ukraine. That has a negative influence on implementing new bioenergy projects and therefore on involving biomass into energy balance of the country. In particular, now there are no dedicated trade platforms such as exchange or auction for the wood fuel intended for bioenergy installations that makes it difficult to arrange stable procurement. Uncertain situation has formed regarding the market of agro-biomass for energy. There are no dedicated trade platforms for selling and purchasing baled straw, maize stalks and other types of biomass of agricultural origin. It is obvious that Ukrainian biofuel market urgently...

Verhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted Draft Law 4334 on stimulation of heat energy production from RES

On March, 21, 2017 Verhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted Draft Law 4334 on stimulation of heat energy production from RES. 238 deputies of Ukraine voted for this decision. Bioenergy Assosiation of Ukraine took an active part in development the Law.  "Law provides a systematic institutional instrument that will replace expensive imported gas to Ukrainian alternative fuels.  Ukraine has enough resources, in particular, about 100 000 tons of agricultural raw materials annually. There is a significant untapped potential for energy crops cultivation in Ukraine as well", - said Alexander Dombrowski,  acting Chairman of the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex of Verhovna Rada...

General open meeting of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine

February 28, 2017, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABio) held a general open meeting during which presented the report for 2016, plans of the Association for 2017 and discussed a number of urgent issues that require regulation for bioenergy development in Ukraine. The general meeting was attended by current and potential members of UABio, representatives of executive authorities, including the Chairman of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Sergiy Savchuk, Director of the SAEE Department on Technical Energy Efficiency Regulation Yevgen Mahlovanyy, Head of the Division on Substitution of traditional fuels Yuriy Shafarenko, NKREKP representatives, representatives...

The statement to address the problems of energy dependence of Ukraine

Bioenergy Association of Ukraine and other civil society organizations that work in the field of energy and consistently advocate for the introduction of economic reforms in the sector, addressed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman and leaders of factions of the parliamentary majority a statement to address the problems of energy dependence Ukraine.

UABio letter on completion of the heat supply policy concept

Bioenergy association of Ukraine appealed to the Vice-prime minister  Gennadiy Zubko on the necessity of correcting the Concept for the implementation of the state policy in the heat supply sector, introduce to public discussion on January 31, 2017. UABio experts looked through and analyzed the document and agree with the topicality and necessity of the problem issues, risen in the Concept. The proposed Concept is generally positive for the existing heat supply system, since foresees, in particular, the following: review and improvement of the tariff policy, the introduction of incentive regulation; improvement of payment discipline on payment for centralized heating and hot...

Articles of members

Energy and ecology analysis of technologies for power production from biomass. Part 1

State-of-the-art and prospects for the development of power production from biomass in Ukraine are analyzed. Main approaches to choosing steam turbines for the commercial projects on biomass CHP plants for public heat supply are considered. The paper presents some results of energy analysis of the life cycle of combined heat and power production from solid biomass. Energy and ecology analysis of technologies for power production from biomass. Part 1. Georgiy Geletukha, Tetiana Zheliezna, Anatolii Bashtovyi. Journal "Industrial heat engineering", 2017, vт.39, №1 (p. 58-64)

Why Ukraine lags behind in the implementation of fair competition in the district heating

Why Ukraine lags behind in the establishment of fair competition in the district heating, as it is done in Europe. More on the issue read in the article "Disrict Heating" published in the analytical magazine "Housing and communal services of Ukraine". Of course, a role played by the fact that until recently there were price distortions in tariffs for thermal energy for different types of consumers due to the subsidized price of natural gas. As a result, tariffs for the population, whose share in the consumption of heat in district heating systems is in some villages up to 85-90%, were so...

Competition vs monopoly in heat supply

Oleksandr Dombrovskyi, Sergiy Savchuk, Georgiy Geletukha, Diana Korsakaite, Volodymyr Kramar in the article "Competition vs monopoly in heat supply" wrote about  the essential prerequisites for reducing the cost of heat and improve the quality of services for consumers. The article was published in the analytical magazine "Housing and communal services of Ukraine". The experience of developed European countries shows that one of the effective ways to ensure the development and increase the efficiency of heating systems is the introduction of competitive relations in this area. Currently, in the district heating of Ukraine, the vast majority of manufacturers and suppliers of heat belong...

Analysis of criteria for sustainable development of bioenergy

EU sustainability criteria for the production and consumption of biofuels  are analyzed. The paper reviews current EU policy on sustainable bioenergy and future  plans.  It is shown that general trend is appearance of wider and stricter  requirements for the sustainability of biofuels. Recommendations for the sustainable production of biofuels in Ukraine are presented. Analysis of criteria for sustainable development of bioenergy. Georgiy Geletukha, Tetiana Zhelyezna, Oleksandra Tryboi, Anatoliy Bashtovyi, Scientific journal "Industrial Heat Engineering", 2016, N6 (p. 49-57) (in Ukrainian) or in English

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