Date: September 29, 2020.
Participation in the seminar is free. To participate in the seminar you need to register through this link: On the email that was specified during registration, you will receive a letter with a link to join the online seminar.

The online seminar will be conducted through the Horizon 2020 project REGATRACE “REnewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe” and the EBRD and GEF Programme “Ukraine: Sustainable Bioenergy Value Chain Innovations”.

  • REGATRACE project aims creating an efficient trade system based on issuing and trading biomethane/renewable gases Guarantees of Origin (GoO). UABIO is involved in the task “Support for biomethane market uptake”.
  • The Programme “Ukraine: Sustainable Bioenergy Value Chain Innovations” will promote investments in innovative bioenergy technologies and practices associated with the use of agricultural residues and waste by enabling and developing sustainable bioenergy value chains leading to significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions and in support of Ukraine’s target to increase the renewable share in energy mix of the country.

Learn more about the production and consumption of biomethane in Ukraine, the potential and output of biomethane in Ukraine and the world. Also we will discuss questions on the potential, technologies and prospects of biohydrogen production in Ukraine.

Audience: representatives of business, agricultural companies, associations, legislative and executive authorities, public organizations in the energy sector, scientists, representatives of financial institutions, investors, entrepreneurs interested in the production and consumption of renewable gases.

Organizers: Bioenergy Association of UkraineEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Project REGATRACE «REnewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe», Civic Union «GLOBAL 100% RE UKRAINE», Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine LCC.

What exactly will we talk about:

  • Proposals for legislative support of biomethane production and consumption in Ukraine.
  • Potential and production / usage of biomethane in Ukraine and the world. Technical and economic aspects.
  • Prospects for biomethane production in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.
  • Available potential and best biohydrogen production technologies in Ukraine.
  • The value of the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine for the development of renewable gases.
  • Prospects for the green hydrogen production in Ukraine.
  • Prospects for the development of hydrogen clusters in Ukraine.

Download the program of the online seminar (in Ukrainian)