Bioenergy as a whole is the leader, and solar and wind technologies are being implemented the fastest. We present the global statistics of the World Bioenergy Association.

Total primary energy supply globally

  • In 2018, the total primary energy supply of renewable energy sources was 81.1 EJ.
  • TPES of bio-mass-based sources including municipal waste, industrial waste, solid biomass, liquid biofuels, and biogas was 55.6 EJ – an increase of 1.2% over the previous year.
  • The renewable energy sources have experienced significant growth in this century. 

Renewable electricity 

  • In 2018, 6 890 TWh of renewable electricity was produced globally.
  • Hydropower was the largest renewable electricity generating source with a share of 62% followed by wind at 19%. 
  • Bioenergy was the third-largest renewable electricity generating source with 637 TWh of production.
  • During 2000 – 2018, the renewable electricity sector had an annual growth rate of 5% which is higher than the growth rate of the overall electricity sector at 3%. 
  • The growth has largely been driven by solar and wind technologies which had an annual growth rate of 40% and 23% respectively while hydropower had a lower growth rate (3%) and bioenergy was able to exceed the growth rate (8%).