New material of the UABIO Head of the Board Georgii Geletukha for the online media “Ekonomichna Pravda” about the future of Ukrainian energy sector, as well as the best scenarios for the development of the national energy sector (in Ukrainian).

  • Ukrainian Green Deal — when and what will it be like?
  • Why we need a Roadmap for the development of bioenergy in Ukraine until 2050.
  • Climate neutrality until 2060.
  • Decarbonization of the economy through bioenergy.
  • The real potential of biomass. How will biofuels, bioenergy plants, and technologies contribute to the replacement of thermal generation and nuclear power plants that will be decommissioned by 2050?

The Roadmap for the development of bioenergy in Ukraine until 2050 was developed by the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine with the support of the EBRD Programme “Sustainable Bioenergy Value Chain Innovation”. It corresponds to the scenario of 60% RES in the overall energy balance in 2050. The proposed division by sectors and the main conceptual approach can be found in the full material.

Financial aspect

The implementation of the Roadmap will require investments of 21… 33 billion euros.

Why we need to develop bioenergy?

The development of bioenergy will lead to the replacement of about 20 billion m3/year of natural gas, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 54 million tons of CO2 eq/year, and the creation of more than 160 thousand jobs by 2050.

Bioenergy will be a significant and integral part of Ukraine’s green energy transition by 2050.

Source: The article “What will be the bioenergy of Ukraine in 2050” by Georgii Geletukha (in Ukrainian)