We offer you to get acquainted with a thorough analytical study, which provides specific recommendations. Project report «Low Carbon Ukraine»: «Selected high-impact measures reaching Ukraine’s energy and climate targets».

The document has 10 chapters (258 pages):

  1. Financing options for ‘green’ policy measures.
  2. A Revision of Ukraine’s Carbon Tax.
  3. Phasing-Out Consumer Subsidies. Prospects and Challenges for Ukraine’s Natural Gas and Electricity Sector.
  4. Reforming Ukraine’s electricity market.
  5. A Cost-efficient Deployment of Renewables.
  6. Synchronising Ukraine ́s and Europe ́s electricity grids.
  7. A socially sustainable coal phase-out in Ukraine.
  8. Towards a decarbonisation of Ukraine’s steel sector.
  9. Low-Carbon Transport Policies for Ukraine.
  10. Energy efficiency in public buildings – 50% retrofitting target until 2030.

Conclusions from UABIO experts on Section 5

The implementation of quotas proposed by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine (150 MW for wind, 155 MW for the sun, and 60 MW for “others” in 2021) and the presented growth rates (Table 13) will lead to 20% of renewable electricity in Ukraine by 2030 (Figure 45). It does not correspond to the National Economic Strategy 2030 that was recently adopted. The document declares the goal of “forming the share of generation from renewable energy sources in total electricity production at 25% by 2030”.

In order to achieve a 30% RES share electricity generation in 2030, the currently planned annual quotas would have to be doubled (Figure 46). It is very important that the auctions should start as soon as possible.

These recommendations are in line with UABIO’s position on this issue. It will be recalled that in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, quotas in support of bioenergy projects will be distributed at auctions for “other RES”.

UABIO calls on the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to comply with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine N810-IX and this year to hold the first auctions to support RES projects (taking into account the recommendations for increasing quotas)!

About Low Carbon Ukraine Project

Low Carbon Ukraine is a project with the mission to continuously support the Ukrainian government with demand-driven analysis and policy proposals to promote the transition towards a low-carbon economy. It is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) and is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) on the basis of a decision adopted by the German Bundestag. Its implementation began in September 2018 and will last until August 2021.

Source: Report of the Low Carbon Ukraine Project «Selected high-impact measures Reaching Ukraine’s energy and climate targets»