Scientific Article
Georgii   Geletukha,   Tetiana   Zheliezna
An international scientific journal  “Ecological Engineering &
Environmental  Technology”
,  ISSN 2719-7050. p. 73-81, Volume 22, Issue
5, 2021

ABSTRACT. Ukraine has expressed its intention to follow the basic principles of the European Green Deal. Most probably, Ukraine will set the goal to achieve the climate neutrality of its economy by 2060. Effective reduction of GHG emission and successful implementation of the green energy transition is possible only on the condition that the bioenergy sector is developing intensively. The same applies to fulfilling Ukraine’s commitments within the Paris Agreement and the Energy Community. It is obvious that Ukraine urgently needs a long-term strategic document for the bioenergy sector and the Roadmap until 2050 could be such a document. The Roadmap is in line with the scenario of achieving over 60% renewable energy sources (RES) in the energy balance of Ukraine by 2050 and 100% RES by 2070. Biomass shares of all RES in 2050 assumed in the Roadmap, which are 38% in the total primary energy supply (TPES), 67% in heat production, 11% in power production, and 40% in the transport sector, result in 24% of bioenergy in TPES in 2050. This corresponds to using about 20 Mtoe of biomass for energy. The obtained bioenergy benchmark figures can be used for the elaboration of a new energy strategy of Ukraine until 2050, the current strategy being only until 2035.

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