Main points of the EBA factsheet “Energy system integration”.

This factsheet is the first of the new European Biogas Association (EBA) information campaign “Biogases: beyond energy”, which is focused on exploring the multiple solutions that biogases are already proving to develop a European bioeconomy. In total, there will be six factsheets throughout the year.

Read more about the information campaign and download the first factsheet “Energy System Integration” on the SAF platform.

Biogas will play a key role in achieving Europe’s long-term energy security and climate mitigation goals as part of a promising and balanced system of renewable energy sources. Its benefits go far beyond reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. That is why attention to this source of energy and scientific developments regarding biogas is increasing.

Biogas and biomethane can be produced at a relatively constant pace and then used to generate electricity as needed, making it possible to offer dynamic electricity production that can accommodate fluctuations in electricity demand.

Biogas and biomethane are important sources of flexibility in the energy system. They contribute to all energy outputs – electricity, heat, and transport – and can support the further integration of variable renewables via three main pathways:

  1. Cogeneration or biogas-CHP is allow the simultaneous production of electricity and heat (hot water or steam) and can be an element of system balancing due to its flexibility.
  2. Bio-methanation. Surplus electricity from the power grid is converted into hydrogen, which is then combined with the biogenic CO2 to produce biomethane. Finally, we will receive biomethane, which we can pump and store in gas transportation networks.
  3. The upgrading of biogas to biomethane. Biomethane can completely replace natural gas using existing infrastructure, equipment and end-use technologies.

Moreover, biogas is the cheapest and most scalable form of renewable gas available today. It is a dispatchable energy carrier and as such can be deployed to balance intermittent renewable energy generation.

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