How can biomethane help decarbonize the transport sector? Find out in the EBA factsheet “Transport”. The document is focused on the biomethane role in providing transport needs.

This factsheet is the third in 2023 of the European Biogas Association’s (EBA) new information campaign “Biogases: beyond energy”, which focuses on researching different biogas technologies for the development of the European bioeconomy. In total, there will be six such publications throughout the year. Three with Ukrainian translation are already available on the SAF platform.

Read more about the information campaign and download the first three documents “Energy system integration”, “Regenerative agriculture” and “Transport” on the SAF website.

Important role of biomethane

Existing policy measures are expected to curb a thirty-year upward trend in Europe’s transport emissions. Biomethane provides a sustainable and cost-competitive substitute for fossil fuels, representing one of the few readily available fossil fuel alternatives for long distance and energy intensive transport segments. This makes biomethane a key player in the transition towards a climate neutral economy.

Find out more

  • How can biomethane contribute to the decarbonisation of EU transport?
  • Is biomethane a cost-effective solution for transport decarbonisation?
  • Can EU refueling infrastructure accommodate biomethane for use in transport?
  • What about the future?

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