The RES sector has already employed more than 12 million people, and in 10 years, according to the forecasts of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Labour Organization (ILO), the number of jobs will increase by more than three times.

Solar PV hosted the most jobs with 4.3 million, followed by biofuels with 2.42 million, hydro power with 2.37 million and wind energy with 1.37 million.

Since 2011, renewable energy sources have accounted for more than half of all added capacity in the global energy sector, and their share of total electricity production is steadily increasing. Total renewable energy capacity exceeded 2,300 gigawatts (GW) worldwide in 2018.

In the future, coordinated government policies, financial support and professional training can provide many millions of high-quality, stable and well-paid jobs.

Звіт IRENA та ILO про робочі місця

Forecasts for 2030

According to the calculations, in 2030 the sector will create up to 38.2 million under the condition of an ambitious and progressive energy scenario with investments at the initial stage.

This figure would more than double the projected 17.4 million under the PES scenario. Meanwhile, the jobs number in the energy sector in general could rise to 139 million by 2030 under the 1.5°C scenario, a 31% increase , than 106 million for PES.

Звіт IRENA та ILO про робочі місця

Forecasts for 2050

By 2050, Asia may account for 64% of jobs in the renewable energy sector, America — 15%, and Europe — 10%.

If we consider all jobs in the energy sector, by 2050, RES may occupy more than 60% in Asia, 13% in America, and 12% in Europe, the report says.

IRENA estimates that the total number of energy jobs could increase to 100 million worldwide by 2050 if the adoption of renewable energy sources is accelerated.

RES is a global energy security tool

The development of RES increases the reliability of the supply chain and contributes to the improvement of energy security in general, as well as the development of local economies and opportunities for strengthening communities.

In terms of gender balance, the renewable energy sector performs much better than the global oil and gas industry.

Source: Renewable Energy and Jobs Annual Review | 2022 | IRENA.