We share an forecast for the development of the biogas sector until 2035.

прогноз розвитку біогазового сектору до 2035 року

The study covers forecasts of the size and share of the biogas market, areas of application, raw materials, etc. We advise you to read the materials that reflect the sustainable trend and prospects of the industry.

Global market size, forecast and trends, 2023-2035

The biogas market is expected to reach $8 billion by the end of 2035 at a CAGR of 10%. As of 2022, the industry is estimated at $4 billion.

The growth of the global level of pollution caused by carbon emissions will contribute to the development of the industry.

According to the World Health Organization, 91% of the world’s population lives in areas where air quality exceeds acceptable standards. Moreover, 4.2 million deaths are caused by air pollution.

The tendency to reduce the use of fossil fuels leads to the expansion of the use of alternative energy sources. The implementation of the Paris climate agreement by many countries in the context of combating global warming significantly affects the interest in the biogas sector.

прогноз розвитку біогазового сектору до 2035 року

Industry development drivers

  1. Urban population growth. About 4.4 billion people, which is 56% of the Earth’s population, live in cities. By 2050, about 7 out of 10 people will live in cities, i.e., according to the forecast, the number of urban dwellers will increase more than twice, compared to current indicators. In recent years, migration to cities will cause an increase in waste and energy needs, which will cause the development of the biogas direction.
  2. Biogas demand growth.
  3. Greenhouse gas emissions growth. In 2021, global carbon emissions from industry and fossil fuels will rise to a record 36 billion metric tons (GtCO2).
  4. Support for the implementation ofwaste management state policies.
  5. Surge of investments in biogas.


  • The need for large investments for the plants construction. In addition, the entire supply chain is costly and time-consuming.
  • Lack of the latest technologies that would simplify the process.
  • Insufficient support of the direction among the people.

The main raw materials:

  • agricultural waste,
  • municipal biowaste,
  • energy crops.
прогноз розвитку біогазового сектору до 2035 року

Distribution of global production of renewable gas

Forecast for the Asian market

The Asia-Pacific biogas market is forecast to reach 30% of the global market by 2035, thanks to sufficient organic waste in countries such as India, China and Thailand and increasing government support. According to the World Bank, 23% of the world’s waste is generated in East Asia and the Pacific region. According to calculations, by 2030, about 602 million tons of waste will be accumulated in this region.

Forecast for the European market

Europe’s biogas market is projected to grow rapidly due to renewable gas volumes and market players, and will practically equal the Asia-Pacific market in 2035. Modern biogas facilities will be built in the region. Moreover, increasing restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions will drive market growth in this region.

Source: Research Nester.