Harvesting of corn in 2020 at the stage of completion in Ukraine. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, yields have dropped significantly in many regions. Despite the fact that corn grain prices have risen significantly, the issue of profitability of agribusiness is timely.

In addition to grain, farmers can receive additional funds from the sale of by-products of corn, which mainly consists of:

  • stems,
  • leaf,
  • rods,
  • cob wrappers.

Such biomass can be used for energy needs, in particular, processed into solid biofuels. See for yourself! Short video about the actual amount of by-products of corn in the fields in Kyiv region:

UABIO experts are constantly researching this issue. Semyon Dragnev visited the corn harvest, made measurements in the field and took samples. After that, Anatoly Bashtovy measured the humidity of the side corn.

More information in the UABIO Position Paper 23 “Analysis of pellets and briquettes production from corn residues”.