Governments must act immediately to preserve the green course and speed up the implementation of the Paris Agreement. We are currently witnessing the slowdown of the green course in Ukraine, which leads to negative consequences for the economy. The green energy transition is part of the solution to global problems, that’s why action must be taken immediately.

Six actions for governments from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

  1. Re-evaluate stimulus measures and correct course to ensure a green recovery in line with global climate objectives.
  2. Raise policy ambitions and clarify long-term plans for renewable generation and consumption, both centralised and decentralised.
  3. Ensure energy markets can deliver continuity and stimulate investment and growth in renewables.
  4. Prioritise renewable energy as a key component of industrial policies.
  5. Align labour and education policies with a just energy transition.
  6. Intensify international co-operation and action on COVID-19 while recognising renewable energy as a key part of the solution.

Source: IRENA Call to Action for governments, December 2020