Відновлюваний етанол в ЄС досяг нового рекорду скорочення викидів парникових газів — на 78,4 відсотка порівняно з викопним паливом у 2022 році

Ethanol production contributes to EU food security and reduces fossil fuel use. We advise you to get acquainted with an important and interesting graphs provided by the European Association for Renewable Ethanol (ePURE).

ePURE (European renewable ethanol) is the organization representing the European renewable ethanol industry, with 21 production companies and about 50 biorefineries in the EU and the United Kingdom, which provide about 85 percent of renewable ethanol production in the EU.

Production and use of renewable ethanol from ePURE members reduced greenhouse-gas emissions by an average of 78.4% compared to fossil fuels in 2022, according to newly certified data of Copartner company. 

Domestic production of renewable ethanol is one of the declared priorities. It meets the goals of food security, energy independence and decarbonization of transport.

Скорочення викидів парникових газів

It is important that the production of this biofuel does not threaten the food industry, but, on the contrary, contributes to it. ePURE members have produced more food and feed by-products than renewable ethanol.

ePURE members are also implementing technologies such as biogenic CO2 capture and increased production of food, feed and fuel.

Виробництво біопалива не загрожує харчовій промисловості

The record-high GHG-saving performance of ePURE members’ ethanol was also accompanied by significant production of food and feed co-products (5.9 million tonnes of commercial product) and of captured CO2 (1.1 million tonnes).

More than 11 years renewable ethanol in the EU contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. This sector attracts innovative technologies in the European renewable ethanol industry. Ukraine also has significant prospects in this sector, so it is important to focus on global trends.

Source: ePure.